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Multi-Cloud strategy & best fit for the job

It’s a multi-cloud world and for organizations considering going multi-cloud or perhaps making a strategy out of what has already happened, it’s important to balance those considerations against an objective analysis. The fear of vendor lock-in is not uncommon, and some companies has a core strategy to avoid single a provider.

The multi-cloud implementations having best success are those that take a best-fit approach.

Teams working with certain compliance demands should consider the workload to be better suited on one platform over another. They  can choose a platform based on previous experience, or strictly based on costs. Establishing a best-fit framework takes two forms. Best platform, or best APIs. This sort of flexibility can provide value but not without its challenges.
Each platform could if not done properly expand the tool sets needed to build and deploy.  Each platform could if not done properly increase the overhead in management , but also adds to the amount of domain knowledge required for the team. One often overlooked aspect is the overall attack surface that needs to secured.

Containerization is an low-hanging fruit to help manage a multi-cloud strategy but also avoid vendor lock-in.

At Glimte we specialize in the tools that helps with the removal of added management and complexity by multi-cloud. We are seriously beeing evangelists for containerization technologies such as Docker, and love how these technologies could massively improve the way you build and deploy your software. We deploy cloud solutions based on code, and write code that is universal among vendors while utilizing drivers to translate the code to the cloud of choice. This helps remove the complexity from multi-cloud, and make sure your team only need to focus on a single code-base while gaining added proactivity. By building your cloud solution on building blocks as a required list of ingrediencies that`s necessary to start serving your brew, you are able to serve it almost everywhere in no time with added Quality Control

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